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As a PT I perform a scientific and medically-based bike fit.


My clients enjoy the best of both worlds:  working with someone who knows bikes (the easy part) and knows the body and biomechanics (the hard part).

More on why mixing PT and bike fitting yields the best outcomes

Combining the right knowledge base with technology is important in bike fitting — check out the unparalleled technology we use in the Studio.

The home for bike fit in Colorado

Our dedicated bike fit area

The best part of my job is designing and building a bike for a client.  It doesn’t matter whether they’re spending $2,000 or $18,000, I apply the same level of focus and detail.  My goal each time is to create the best fitting bike that ticks all the boxes on their want list.

Take a look at some of the bikes I build and see if they don’t stir a passion in you….


One-on-one. One bike at a time.